Published on 07.26.2021


Cloud application architect

Sigfox's OSS is based on a star architecture centralized on a single cloud in France, and receive messages from more than 30,000 radio stations located worldwide.

We collect 80 million messages per day, dispatch them to thousands of customers, store them in databases or switch them to the associated services and we do all of this in a highly available manner monitored by customers' SLA and services guarantees.

Joining the OSS team (Operation Support System) is to be at the heart of the Engineering reactor. We are looking for someone who will be responsible for designing or adapting the architecture in order to ensure its scalability, performance, cost; but as well in implementing with devs.

Sigfox context:

Sigfox mission is as simple as ambitious: connect the “unconnectable” physical world to enable digitalization of global scale industries by being the leader of IoT connectivity services for massive and global applications. Asset tracking, logistic, telemetering, monitoring/altering are major domains where sigfox brings its best value. We are designing and developing a unique and tailored global network, present in 72 countries, fitted for low throughput communications, very low cost and very simple end-devices/sensors.

Innovation is our DNA, from the founding of the company until today, both technologically and in the way to address the market. This mindset is a strong asset of the company and we consider it as a must-have to tackle our customer challenges.


Team context:

You join the OSS team (Operation support system team), composed of 8 talented and passionate Sigfoxers (cloud backend developers, test & validation engineers and Service Reliability engineers).

The OSS is the core engine of the Sigfox Cloud, supporting

·       the IoT messages management (10s of millions messages per day,100s of millions soon)

·       end-devices management (10s of million)

·       and the global network management (tens of thousands base stations all over the world)


With strong challenges of reliability, scalability and design-to-cost. As operational traffic increases day to day, the team manage continuous improvement of the scalability, maintainability and performance of the system, by a combination of technological upgrades, re-architecture and cloud infrastructure sizing, while pursuing the development of new features and capabilities for our customers.

By the way, we partnered with Google to host our applications on GCP, and are currently migrating most of our apps, including the OSS.

Do not hesitate to contact us and get a chat with the team members, even if you do not apply to this job !


Win / Missions:

The development teams are autonomous from functional specification (as an input) to production (including sustaining of the service).

The architect we are looking for is able to:  

·       Design the solutions for new features or for scalability/availability/performance evolutions.

·       Document solutions and promote/present it to the team a panoramic vision - considering functional, performance, maintainability, operability, and cost efficiency.

·       Work closely with System architects to clarify scope of work and fine tune input requirements

·       Assess continuously and propose the right technologies to adopt to reach the OSS short, mid and long term objectives.

·       Contribute, as other members of the team, on the implementation of solutions that you designed ! We believe that the good architect needs to stick to the field.

·       Support and advise your manager in planning, costing & organizing the team delivery roadmap

·       Contribute punctually, as the designer of a CORE component of the system, to the definition of the Technical Strategy of the company.

That’s how we see the thing, but we also learn from the collaborators we onboard ! Your vision and willingness will also define the way you contribute to the journey !


Profile & mindset:

·       First of all, passion and energy ! We believe in trust and autonomy: taking initiatives, be open minded and being a driving force will be your best asset.

·       We do appreciate a confirmed experience (2/3years at least) in architecture design of cloud-based applications. On top of that, if those applications had high constraints of availability and scalability, that will be great !

·       The code base is mostly Java. Need to master it. Apps are clustered on Kafka

·       Database administration is welcome (MongoDB is mostly used)

·       Minimum sysadmin knowledge is preferred, as you’ll join the on-call duty round for level3 support of the OSS (after an adaptation period of course, with associated compensation)

#javamaster #scalability #kafka #besttrollersever #fooddriven

Contract Type & Work conditions:

The team is based in Labège, South Toulouse area (France).

Work organization is flexible, both for hours and remote work.

Permanent & full time contract

This position enrols in our expertise career path as Level 2.



Sigfox promotes inclusion and non-discrimination, and acts daily in favor of social mix, gender equality, senior citizens. As a learning organization and open minded on Diversity, Sigfox is ready to welcome Extra-ordinary people and adapt their workplace. At Sigfox, we hire personalities above all


Every Sigfoxer is driven by the project to make things come alive (ambitious)!

Sigfox is the ideal place for personal (entrepreneurs) and collective (permanent change player) challenges. Here, 44 different nationalities live side by side: diversity is one of our strong points (multicultural).

Sigfox brews lot of skills and positions and everyone keeps learning (humble) & contributes to the success (experts) of the company.




Full time