16 July 2018

The benefit of IoT for facility managers serving cafeterias

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Coffee machines are an important part of any cafeteria. But when management is outsourced to a facility management company, problems can arise. Particularly if the machines aren’t constantly refilled. A lack of coffee can seriously decrease customer satisfaction and mean a change in facility manager. At the same time, facility managers don’t want to stockpile supplies, in case the machine doesn’t get the use they anticipate.


loT devices provide a way for facility managers to juggle the problems of supplies and customer satisfaction. Amazon Dash is already introducing the concept of instant gratification when it comes to resupplying products in our home. Now facility managers can offer the same service to canteens and cafeterias. 



Why smart button devices are the perfect solution for facility managers?


The IoT answer is to use Smart button devices. Similar to Amazon Dash, such Smart button devices enable cafeteria staff to communicate instantly with their facility management company at the touch of a button. The device is plug-and-play and comes ready to use right out of the box without additional setup. By connecting to the Sigfox network, the device doesn’t need Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth networks to work. That means it’s perfect to use in cafeterias that aren’t served by these networks. 




How do smart button devices work in a facility or office?


Smart button devices can be installed easily on coffee machines themselves or behind the scenes where staff can easily find them. When machines run low, staff or the customers themselves can quickly and easily notify facilities managers by pushing the button. As soon as the button is pushed, a notification is instantly sent to facility managers who can then schedule for supplies to be ordered and for machines to be refilled. 


How managers and their clients benefit?


Smart button devices solve a huge number of issues for cafeterias and for the manager. As soon as supplies in the machine are running low, cafeteria staff can hit the button to let the facility manager know of the problem. The facility manager then only needs to buy supplies when the button is hit.

With timely refills are completed, the cafeteria manager is happy as customers remain satisfied, whilst the facility manager gets to improve their client’s satisfaction. Better customer satisfaction means higher retention rates, as well as the opportunity to win more business from referrals. Business costs can be kept to a minimum, too, when facility managers use the data provided by the devices to predict future requirements and budget accordingly. 


For more information on how the IoT can empower facility management companies read the full use case:


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